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"View," a summer installation of new sculpture,
opens at Socrates Sculpture Park
in Long Island City, Queens, May 19, 2002
Socrates Sculpture Park,
Long Island City, Queens
Socrates Sculpture Park executive director
Alyson Baker
Tamara Gubernat, The 1st Amendment, 2002
Joyce Burstein, The Epitaph Project, 2002
Joyce Burstein
Mark di Suvero and former Queens borough president Claire Schulman
Mark di Suvero and Mori Nishihira
Peter Eudenbach, Vertical Horizon, 2002
Peter Eudenbach's Vertical Horizon (2002), interior view
Peter Kreider, Derby Dusting, 2002
Joel Graesser, Deuces Wild and Lucky, both 2002
Patrick Meagher, Flight Path, 2002
New York sculptor
Patrick Meagher
Samuel Nigro, Strategy Is the Status Quo, 2002
Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock, Part Trap, 2002
Photographer Tom Warren with Willoughby Sharp
Sunday in New York
"Hotel/Motel," an exhibition of work by 12 artists
with studios in Harlem, opens at
Triple Candie, 461 West 126th Street, May 19, 2002
Tomas Vu-Daniel with Opium Dream (Chasing the Dragon) (2002)
"Hotel/Motel" at Triple Candie
Triple Candie at 461 West 126th Street
Jacob Lawrence Foundation head Peter Nesbett
Ann Craven
Jennifer Nuss with In the Garden (2002)
Triple Candie director
Shelley Bancroft
Kristina Jacob, Hair Braided Misses, 2002
Ann Craven, Yello Fello, 2000
Derrick Adams, Still from Party Crasher, 2002
Heidie Giannotti with her Anti-Architecture Anemic Cinema
Triple Candie candy
Lucas Carlson with two of his dream drawings.