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Out in New York during the last week of March 2001.
Haluk Akakçe
Still from Akakçe's Blood Pressure at Deitch Projects
Akakçe's installation at Deitch
Chelsea dealer
Florence Lynch
Kiki Smith
Robert Goldberg
Joanne Greenbaum
at D'Amelio Terras
Will Cotton at Mary Boone
Bomb magazine editor Betsy Sussler
and artist Robin Winters
Katarina Bosse
at Henry Urbach Architecture
Kristin Lucas
Kristin Lucas, still from Involuntary Reception, 2000, at Postmasters
One of Lucas' "Mobile Units," 2000-01
Postmasters' Magda Sawon
John Newsom
Artist Wolfgang Staehle,
proprietor of The Thing
Nancy Rubins at Paul Kasmin Gallery, installation view.
Nancy Rubins
Nancy Rubins, installation view
Billy Copley
Phillip Taafe
Steve DiBenedetto at Baumgartner Gallery
Ann Craven
Dan Asher at Paula Cooper
Colin Lee's Birth, 2001, at the Asian American Arts Centre
Colin Lee
Ilona Malka Rich
...and her fashions...
...on view at Grace Mansion...
...on West 27th Street...
...on Mar. 28, 2001
"Danger" co-curator
Papo Colo
at Exit Art
Keith Sanborn
in "Danger"
"Danger" artist
Robert Chambers
"Danger" co-curator
Jeanette Ingberman
Patterson Beckwith's photo studio at American Fine Art
Contact sheets of photos
Patterson at work, with backdrops by Frank Sirk
The affianced Brooke Dunn & Erik Parker