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The "Dubrow Biennial" opens at Kagan Martos Gallery in New York, Mar. 26, 2002.
Katherine Bernhardt
Works in the "Dubrow Biennial"
Curator Norman Dubrow
Amy Yoes
Gallerist Jose Martos
Gallerist Alona Kagan
Tim Davis
Torben Giehler
Miss Sissel Kardell
Tim Davis, Mattress behind Denny's (from Lots), 2001
Michael Lazarus
John Newsom
Jon Pylypchuk, it could be the last time you forgive me now this waiting is all I've seen (detail), 2000
Dealer Stefan Stux
Inka Essenhigh, Portrait of Stefan Stux, 2001
Erik den Breejen (left) and Erik Parker
Su-en Wong
Aaron Romine
Grace Roselli
Artscribe Steven Vincent
Collector Hubert Neumann
Gajin Fujita, Wild, 1999
Lane Twitchell