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The Art Dealers Association of America's 13th annual Art Show
presents 70 galleries at the Seventh Regiment Armory in New York, Feb. 22-26, 2001.
Jennifer Bartlett's new work: Untitled (dyptich), 2001, at Locks Gallery, Philadelphia.
Edward McCartan at Conner-Rosenkranz, New York
Three Untitled Magritte works by Jonathan Santlofer (top) and Judith Cotton, Fetch, 2000, at James Graham & Sons
Installation view at James Graham & Sons, with works by (from left) Guy Pene du Bois, Frederick MacMonnies, Herbert Haseltine and Stephen Hannock.
A Richard Serra self-portrait at Joseph Helman.
Two Blue Nudes by Tom Wesselmann at Helman
Hughie Lee-Smith, A Winter's Day, 1949, at June Kelly
Ballet pictures by Everett Shin (ca. 1908) and William Metcalf (1885) at Berry-Hill Galleries
Hotel drawings by Martin Kippenberger at Nolan/Eckman
Fredrich Kiesler's David (1966) at Michael Werner
Works by Richard Pettibone at Curt Marcus Gallery
Works by Rothko, Warhol,
Bonnard, Miró, at C & M.
Charles Arnoldi, Hold Out, 2000 (left), and Doug Martin, Thanksgiving, 2000, at Charles Cowles
Works by Maillol, Dubuffet, Arp and Picasso at Jeffrey H. Loria & Co.
Works by Sam Francis and Roy Lichtenstein and furniture by Diego Giacometti at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, St. Louis
Works by Phillip Pearlstein, William Bailey, Lee Krasner and Milton Resnick, at Robert Miller
Trompe-l'oeil still life paintings by Denise Mickilowski and a landscape by Lois Dodd at Fischbach
The menagerie at Allan Stone Gallery, with a Cameroon elephant mask, parrots by James Grashow and bronzes by Peter France