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Out at FFWD Miami, the new art fair held at the Hotel Nash
on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Fla., Dec. 14-16, 2001.
The Hotel Nash at 1120 Collins Avenue at 11th Street in Miami Beach
FFWD Miami directors Janet Phelps and Sheldon LaPierre
Nash Hotel director Laura Sheridan
Chris Erck of Finesilver, San Antonio, with photo by Chuck Ramirez
Law Office, Chicago -- Rob Davis and Rebecca Levine
Law Office, Chicago -- Vincent Dermody and Mike Langlois -- with painting of Halley’s Comet by Joe Baldwin
New Museum curator Anne Ellegood with temporary tattoo by Josh Levine
London dealer Laurent Delaye with ceramic vase by Grayson Perry
Arena Gallery’s installation in FFWD Miami
Renee Riccardo of Arena, Brooklyn, with a photograph by Tanyth Berkeley
Christian Viveros-Faune and Joel Beck of Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, with watercolor by Guy Richards Smit
Sara Nightingale of Sara Nightingale Gallery, Water Mill, N.Y.
Sidney Brown (left) and Sheila Cohen of Bucheon, San Francisco, with Kirk LeClaire’s homage to George Harrison
Josee Bienvenu, director of 123 Watts, New York
Chicago dealer Monique Meloche with floorplans by Joel Ross
Aldy Milliken of Zinc, Stockholm, Sweden
Marissa Newman and Irena Popiashvili of Suite 106 in Manhattan
Becky Smith, director of Bellweather in Williamsburg, with painter John Bauer
San Francisco dealer Jack Hanley with drawings by Chris Johansen
Chelsea dealer Caren Golden with Paul Henry Ramirez painting
Luis Valverde Espejo of Espacio Minimo, Madrid, with painting by Manu Muniategiandikoetxea
Installation by Espacio Minimo at the Nash
Houston dealer Kerry Inman with digital prints by Dario Robleto
Rob Clifford and Jim Smith of Clifford-Smith Gallery, Boston, with photo by Youngsuk Suh.
San Francisco dealer Catharine Clark
Choire Sicha of Debs & Co. with new painting by Joy Garnett
Miami dealer Kevin Bruk with paintings by Michael Gibson
Sönke Müller of MüllerdeChiara, Berlin, with Donna Niello’s Quartered Circle