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"The Art of David Wojnarowicz"
opens at the New Museum, Feb. 28.

New Museum curator Dan Cameron
Comix maestro James Romberger
Marguerite van Cook
New Museum director Lisa Phillips
Guard with Wojnarowicz's Untitled
Jimbo creator Gary Panter
Carlo McCormick & Tessa Hughes-Freeland
Viewing The Newspaper as National Voodoo: A Brief History of the USA, 1986
Cosimo di Leo Ricatto and Janine Antoni
Penny Pilkington of PPOW
Brigitte Engler & David Hershkovits
Writer Catherine Texier
Filmmaker Charlie Ahearn
Video artist Maureen Connor
Beth B
Kathy Life of the Life Café
Steven Harvey
I-20 Gallery's Paul Judelson
Dealer Adam Baumgold
New CAA boardmember Archie Rand
Robert Buck
Rich Colicchio &
Tracy Zungola of Livestock
Tom Jones
Curator Edward Leffingwell
Martha Wilson of Franklin Furnace

In the bookstore:

Fever: The Art of David Wojnarowicz
edited by Amy Scholder