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  Out in Miami
Making the scene in Miami, Jan. 20-23, at Art Miami 2000,
the Rubell Family Collection, Martin Margulies' photo warehouse and "Departing Perspectives"
at the downtown Esprito Santo Bank building.
Artist Elizabeth Windstandley, curator of the U. of Miami's New Gallery
Miami artist and Locust Space director Cooper
Shredded paper haystacks by Karen Rifas in "Departing Perspectives"
Miami artist Westen Charles of Locust Projects
Monique Meloche of Vedanta with portrait by Steve DeFrank
Jose Tasende with Niki de Saint Phalle's Louis Armstrong (1999)
Iain Muirhead (left) and Amavong Panya from NFA Space in Chicago
D.C. dealer Cheryl Numark
Donna Tribby of Theo Waddington Fine Art with painting by Larry Poons
Chicago dealer
Alan Koppel
Santa Monica dealer Christopher Grimes at Art Miami
Basel Art Fair exec
Sam Keller
Charles Ray's Oh Charlie Charlie Charlie
at the Rubell Family Collection
Miami Museum of Contemporary Art director Bonnie Clearwater
Art patron Donald Rubell
Costa Rican dealer Jacob Karpio with Mezquita con Neurosis by Cisco Jimenez
Sally Davies, Painting No. 697b (Prada Shoe), 1997, at Gracie Mansion
Gracie Mansion
Paris dealer Marion Meyer
Artist Tucho Molina
David Hammons, Esquire (Portrait of John Henry), at the Rubell Collection
Cristina Guerra of Cesar Galeria, Lisbon, with photo by Joao Tabarra.