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Photos by Barry Neuman
A look at the first art fair to hit Portland, Oregon -- Stuart Horodner’s Affair @ The Jupiter Hotel, Oct. 1-3, 2004
Stuart Horodner leads a panel discussion on "Biennial and Art Fair Culture" in the courtyard of the Jupiter Hotel
The courtyard of the
Jupiter Hotel
The Jupiter Hotel, early in the day
Matthew Stadler of Clear Cut Press, editor of Core Sample, a survey of Portland artists
Portland artist Chris Johanson and wife, Jo Jackson
Affair co-organizer Laurel Gitlen of Savage Art Resources, Portland, with art by
Beth Brandon
Susan Donelsmith of Fresh Up Club, Austin
Patrick Reynolds of Houston’s Inman Gallery and Daria Shapiro of Caren Golden Fine Art in New York
Sara Henry of Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, Los Angeles, with work by
Nina Hubbs Zurier
Jack Hanley’s room, as designed by Chris Johanson with corrugated cardboard retrieved from the hotel’s
recycling bin
Installation view of "Transient Décor," organized by Stuart Horodner and Saul Ostrow, with bedspread by Marne Lucas and wallpaper by Emily Ginsburg
Van Harrison from 1R Gallery, Chicago