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Photos by Mary Barone

The stars come out for the 10th annual Watermill benefit, "Molino Cubano," a gala dinner and art auction
to raise funds for Robert Wilsonís Watermill Center, in Watermill, Long Island, Aug. 2, 2003.
Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenburg
Miranda Richardson
Robert Wilson and Bianca Jagger
PaceWildenstein's Douglas Baxter
Performers on the Watermill Center grounds, directed by Tania Bruguera
A naked young man, prior to having milk dripped on him
A living figure of Nkisi Nkonde, an African icon used in Cuban spiritual practices
Entering Watermill Center
Art in America editor Betsy Baker
Nan Kempner and Grover Mouton
Artist Ross Bleckner and Guggenheim Museum deputy director Lisa Dennison
Guggenheim Museum director Tom Krens
Janelle Reiring of Metro Pictures
Anne Hearst and Christie Brinkley
Chuck Close
Urban socialite Cathy Jones and Jesus Vasquez
Furniture designer Dakota Jackson and his wife, critic and performance art scholar Roselee Goldberg
Calvin Klein and JP
Art patrons Iris & Jimmy Marden
Luxe gallery owner Stephan Stoyanov (left) with artist Laura Emrick and Seth McBride
Photographer Michael Halsband and Sydney Lauren
Mrs. Lim of A to Z Framing
Watermill Center executive director Charles Fabius with Artnet Magazine scribe Phyllis Tuchman
Mary Boone and Will Nix
Artist Tom Sachs
Russell Simmons and Maria Schneider
The Noguchi Museumís Priscilla Morgan
Sarah Jessica Parker
Marisa Berenson
Auctioneer Simon de Pury
Curator Maurice Tuchman
Michael Steinberg and Suzanne Slessin