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Downtown for Democracy organizes a block party and political fundraiser
on West 22nd Street in Chelsea, Sept. 12, 2004
Face painting by Melissa Bent of Rivington Arms gallery
Cotton candy, with artist Guy Richards Smit
Artist Theo Rosenblum
Kitchen director Debra Singer at Charlie Finch's soapbox
Inka Essenhigh at the face-painting booth
Kiki Smith at her tattoo parlor
"Free hypnosis to prove the Democrats can win" by Laura Parnes
Nicole Eisenmann making a portrait
Coloring with Brice Marden
Free purple clover garlands
Political t-shirts, courtesy the Gavin Brown family
Painter Will Cotton and designer Cynthia Rowley decorating cookies
The portrait booth, with (from right) Dana Schutz, Tim Lokiec and Ryan Johnson
Posing as a politico at Mark Dion’s "Mess Conference"
Hugging the Arnold Schwarzenegger punching dummy
Temporary tattoos by Ricci Albenda, Tony Just, Ed Ruscha, others
Sean Landers and his confessional
Painter Erik Parker as deejay
Benefit posters ($200 each) by Cecily Brown, Alexis Rockman, Amy Sillman, others
Artforum bigfoot Knight Landesman reads tarot
Zak Smith and his flea market
Lisa Levy addresses the crowd from the soapbox
Critic Emily Spears Meers at the kissing booth
Video artist Michel Auder gets a kiss
The Fredrick Petzel Gallery (with Allan McCollum photos) as electoral day-care center