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"Art/Journalism," curated by Laurence A. Rickels at Rosamund Felsen Gallery,
Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Aug. 13, 1999.
Works by Nancy Barton, Stephen Berens, John Boskovich, Jessica Bronson, Meg Cranston, Steve Hurd, Larry Johnson, Joe Mama-Nitzberg, T. Kelly Mason, Marc Pally, Stephen Prina, Diana Thater and Christopher Williams.
All photos by Homan Li.

Artist Richard Hawkins
Art dealer Shoshana Blank
Artist and critic Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Dealer Marc Foxx
Artist Steve Hurd
Artist Stephen Prina
Art dealer Brian Butler
Tom Solomon of the Norton Family Foundation
Collector Tak Teramaye with Gordon Haines of Rosamund Felsen Gallery
Artist Meg Cranston
Artist Dean Sameshima and curator Laurence Rickels
Artist Elizabeth Bryant with X-Tra publisher Steven Berens
Art dealer Dan Bernier

"Standing Still and Walking in Los Angeles" curated by Terry R. Myers at Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, Aug. 13, 1999.
Works by Jennifer Bornstein, Evan Halloway, Larry Johnson, Laura Owens and Dave Muller.
Collector Michael Gold
Artist Anne Walsh
Curator and critic Terry Myers
Artist and Three-Day-Weekend impresario Dave Muller
Collectors Ivan Beatinov and Ned Flanders
Performance artist Rachel Rosenthal
Installation view with work by Evan Halloway
Artist Rachel Lachowicz
Gagosian staffers Lisa Kenny, Robert Shapazian and Susan Jensen