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Photos by Homan Li
A celebration at Bergamot Station in L.A.
on the eve of the Democratic Convention.
Sunday, Aug. 13, 2000

hosted by the Absolut LA International Biennial Art Invitational
July 18-Aug. 18, 2001
sponsored by, Audi, Art in America, Absolut Vodka and
Alka Agrawal of
Patricia Faure gallery
Patricia Faure
Dealer Sherry Frumkin with Robbie Conal poster
gallery staffer
Michele Melonas
Dealer Robert Berman and museum guru Henry Hopkins
Dealer Richard Heller with work by Kim Dingle
Steve Rivers, director of Frank Lloyd Gallery with Ralph Bacerra ceramic
Actor James Panozzo at Sherry Frumkin's "Political Posters" show
The Bastard Company peforming in front of Track 16
Artist Elena Allen of the
Santa Monica arts commission
Jacqueline Touch with her piece at Heller
Internet artist Ken Aronson of and his daughter Jordan
Video producer Michael Kurcfield L.A. rep Linda Genereaux with dealer William Turner
Artist Ken Gonzalez-Day
Artist Norton Wisdom painting performance and oboe player
David Weiss
Cole Case of Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Carl Fiacco, assistant director
of Jack Rutberg Gallery
Clayton Campbell, artist and co-director of the 18th Street Complex
The crowd
The booth
Actor, artist and party-crasher extraordinaire John Lykes
Bitch Co. performance artist Shimsham
Erin Rorke (left) of Berman Gallery with
Sculpture-to-Wear's Lisa Babik