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Did we say nine?
That's 27 openings in New York's Chelsea art district
between Sept. 7 and Sept. 9, 2000.
Photos by Paul Laster
Giles Lyon at the Lab School Yard Sale
Elana Herzog at Yard Sale
Udomsak Krisanamis at GBE, Inc.
Anissa Mack at Ten in One Gallery
Frank Gonzalez at Caren Golden Gallery
Stephanie Brooks at Ten in One Gallery
Rupert Goldsworthy at Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery
Matthew Benedict at Alexander and Bonin
Mark Innerst at Paul Kasmin Gallery
Shirley Tse at Murray Guy
Wijnanda Deroo at Richard Anderson
Daniela Steinfeld at Sara Meltzer Gallery
Jonathan Callan at Nicole Klagsbrun
Katsumi Hayakawa at Silverstein Gallery
Tom Burckhardt at Caren Golden Gallery
James Welling at Gorney Bravin + Lee
Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler at Bonakdar Jancou
Stuart Horodner and Lisa Hoke at Yard Sale
Charles Spurrier at Feigen Contemporary
Bettina Von Zwehl at Lombard-Freid Fine Arts
Matt Magee at Bill Maynes
Xenobia Bailey at Stefan Stux Gallery
Jonah Freeman at Andrew Kreps
Ruth Pastine at Margaret Thatcher Projects
Rob de Mar at Clementine Gallery
Slater Bradley at Team
Leslie Wayne at Jack Shainman