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Photos by Paul Laster

Deitch Projects in collaboration with Paper magazine and Creative Time sponsor a SoHo street party
to celebrate the dawn of the new art season, seen largely from the perspective
of Kenny Scharf’s 1984 Suprema Ultima Deluxa automobile, Sept. 10, 2005
Deitch Projects’ Ice Cream Truck
The Art Parade, 2005, fronted by Kenny Scharf's 1984 Suprema Ultima Deluxa
Surface 2 Air’s Ghosts by Gordon Hull
for Deitch Projects
The Masked Smoker
Ryan McGinness stepping out from his Banner Brigade
Ted Mineo’s Burger Christ and Friend, performed by Teddy and Jake
Steve Powers, aka ESPO
The JVA Flag Corporation
Paper editor Kim Hastreiter and Tristan McCormick in the PAPER Art Police car
Matthew Rodriguez’s Subway Train
Artstar television art star
ESPO’s No One Rides for Free
Muffinhead and Amber Ray’s The Conundrums the spinspiral hi-society experiment
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black’s Tarantula Mobile
Paper police Carlo McCormick and Tessa Hughes-Freeland
Jason Hackenworth,
Megamites in Manhattan
A Hairbaby
by the Scissor Sisters
Another Hairbaby
by the Scissor Sisters
The Brooklyn Steppers performing Rachel Mason's Model Anthem- A Hybrid of National Anthems
The Dazzle Dancers perform A Sexy Salute
Whore Cops by Julie Atlas Muz