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Photos by Paul Laster
  P.S.1 celebrates its 30th anniversary with an evening
of roller-skating and cocktails at the Roxy in Chelsea, July 18, 2006.
Artist Slater Bradley
P.S.1 director Alanna Heiss (left) with assistant Jelena Kristic and press chief Yng-Ru Chen
Designer Cynthia Rowley, P.S.1 30th Anniversary Celebration co-chair
P.S.1 curatorial assistant Christopher Lew and girlfriend Cindy Jenkins
Artforum senior editor Michael Wilson and New York magazine artscribe Karyn Rosenberg
P.S.1 interns Dana Perrotti (left)
and Erica Ferrero
Revelers Dutchess Cerraeh and Johann Vollenhoven
MoMA staffer Lauren Kingsley and Vintage Fashion Studio's Dave Vacarro
MoMA intern Nadine Katkhouda
Party-goers Nicole Fulmer (left) and Alison Gumbel
Gagosian Gallery staffer Rose Dergan
Bortolami Dayan's Will Richmond-Watson
Artist Will Cotton
Artist Tim Lokiec
Sundaram Tagore Gallery assistant Mimi Steiger on the rink
Art dealer Renee Riccardo gets in the groove
Author Bill Powers
  Paul Laster is the editor of Artkrush and a regular contributor to Artnet Magazine