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Out in the art season, Sept. 2001-July 2002
Photos by Paul Laster
editor of Bkyn, an online journal of the arts
Miami Beach artists the Skull Sisters at the Fast Forward art fair at the Hotel Nash, Miami Beach, Dec. 2001.
Artists Olav Westphalen and Ester Partegas flanking Public Art Fund director Tom Eccles at Josiah McElheny's the Metal Party, sponsored by the PAF at Brooklyn Front, Nov. 2001.
Artists Andrew and Andrew at Deitch Projects' party for Paper Magazine, Sept. 2001.
Curator Eugenie Tsai and husband Tom Finkelpearl, director of the Queens Museum, at the Studio Museum in Harlem, July 2002.
Artist Wim Delvoye and New Museum director Lisa Philips at the Hort Collection, Feb. 2002.
Curator Franklin Sirmans with artist and Flash Art critic Gean Moreno at the Fast Forward art fair, Dec. 2001.
Art scribes Irving Sandler and Eleanor Heartney at the opening of the Public Art Fund's "Temporary Residents" installation at Metrotech Center in downtown Brooklyn, Oct. 2001.
Photographer Janine Gordon at the Scope Art Fair in Manhattan, May 2002.
Artist, poet and Warhol collaborator Gerard Malanga at Art in General, Oct. 2001.
Brent Sikkema in costume at the Metal Party, Nov. 2001.
Artist, poet and curator Olu Oguibe at Florence Lynch Gallery, Nov. 2001.
Bronx Museum curator Lydia Yee with David Hammons' In the Hood, Oct. 2001.
Postmaster's Magda Sawon with Marlene Dumas watercolors at the Hort Collection, Feb. 2002.
Artist Adriana Arenas Ilian with David Bertocchi's photo at the Bronx Museum, Oct. 2001.
Kent Fine Art's Doug Walla with John Currin painting at the Hort Collection, Feb. 2002.
Costa Rican gallerist Jacob Karpio at the Sagamore hotel in Miami Beach, Dec. 2001.
Artist and Conjunction Arts director Bradley McCallum at "Mimic" at Gale Gates Mimic show, Nov. 2001.
David Quadrini of Angstrom Gallery and artist Inka Essenhigh at the Scope Art Fair, May 2002.
MIT curator Bill Arning, May 2002.
Documenta 11 curator Okwui Enwezor at the opening of "The Short Century" at P.S. 1, Jan. 2002.
Boston Institute of Contemporary Art curator Jessica Morgan at the opening of "Artists Imagine Architecture," May 2002.
Artist Fabian Marcaccio and architect Galia Solomonoff at P.S. 1, June 2002.
Bronx Museum curator Marysol Nieves, July 2002.
Artists Kristin Baker and Luis Gispert at P.S. 1, June 2002.