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Photos by Paul Laster
The rambling art world in New York during the sweet summer of 2004.
Artist Karen Heagle
Jackie McAllister
Richard Dupont and his sculpture
Sandra Bernhard at Target
PaperRad’s Jessica Ciocci
Cory and Jamie Arcangel at Foxy
Reed Anderson
LTTR editor Ginger Brooks Takashi
Virginia Puff Paint in performance
Virginia Puff Paint
James Tsang and Xylor Jane
LTTR editor Emily Roysdon
Curator Trong Gia Nguyen
Orit Ben-Shitrit
Anissa Mack
William Villalongo with his painting
Dave McKenzie with his sculpture
Wangechi Mutu
Chris Tucker, Fred Wilson and Henry Gates, Jr.
Julianne Schwartz
Jean Shin
Steve Powers and Peter Eleey at Coney Island
Christine Hill
Ellen Harvey with her installation
Anne Pasternak and Sarah Bacon
Wang Qingsong with his photograph
Asia Society director Melissa Chiu
Gao Brothers - Zhen (left) and Qiang
Kimerly Rorschach and Willis Hartshorn
Christian Holstad and Gavin Russom in Central Park
Michael Wetzel and Slava Mogutin