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Work by Jordan Crandall, Christoph Draeger, Joy Garnett, Adam Hurwitz, Bill Jones and
Ben Neill, John Klima, Josaeph Nechvatal, Jonathan Podwil and the Radical Sofware Group,
in a show organized by painter Joy Garnett, plus, work by Meghan Gerety and Rachel Urkowitz in the "White Rooms"
at White Columns in New York
opening June 14, 2002.
Photos by Paul Laster
editor of Bkyn, an online journal of the arts
Megan Gerety and Michael Phelan with one of Gerety's drawings
Painter and curator Joy Garnett with one of her paintings
Rachel Urkowitz (left) with White Columns director Lauren Ross with Urkowtiz's wall installation
Painter Diana Cooper
Time Out New York editor Tim Griffin with Urkowitz collage
Filmmaker and video artist Bjorn Melhus
Artist Fariba Hajamadi
Sci-Fi landscapist Jay Davis
Artists Mike Smith, Olav Westphalen and Thomas Eller
Tema Celeste U.S. editor Micaela Givannotti
Artist Peter Rostovsky and poet Max Henry
New Museum curator Anne Ellegood with Rhizome director Mark Tribe
Naturalist Ann Craven and abstract painter Amanda Church
HERE art curator Libby Hartle and artist Adam Cvijanovic
Time Out New York critic Meghan Dailey with Gerety drawing
Maureen Mahony and Guillaume Vauvrecy with Gerety drawing
Bill Jones with Jones/Neill digital sound and image collaboration
Brooklyn crooner Guy Richards Smit
Skew sculptor Robert Lazzarini
White Columns gallery manager Teneille Haggard
Artist Jordan Crandall
Super-8 Digimon Jonathan Podwil with one of his paintings
Neo-Precisionist artist Graham Parks
Freelance conceptual artist Michael Mandiberg
Cybermagician Perry Hoberman
Artist and musician Ben Neill with independent curator Amy Lipton
Sammy Monge and Karen Giusti of Nikolai Fine Art with Michael Ricardo