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  CIRCA '06
Photos by Paul Laster
  Art dealers and more at Circa '06 at the
San Juan Convention Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 25-28, 2006
CIRCA '06 co-organizer Celina Nogueras Cuevas with a work by Luis Vidal at Walter Otero Gallery's booth
"States of Anxiety" curator Paco Barragan with drawings by Vargas Suarez Universal
Guillermo Zayas of Cuerto Gallery with a Jose Bedia painting
San Juan dealer Walter Otero with photos by Andres Serrano
Clarisa Rodriguez Gandara of Galeria 356 with work by Raphael Trelles
Art in General's Yvonne Garcia with a decorated plate by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz
Punto Gris director Mariely López Bermúdez with an installation by Ivelisse Jimenez
Caracas art dealer Ninoska Huerta with a painting by Marcos Marin
Alberto Magnan of Magnan Projects in New York, with a work by Alexandre Arrechia
Ubaldo Kramer of KBK Arte Contemporeneo with Marcos Lopez photograph
Sheri Viota of Viota Gallery with Aaron Salabarrias photograph
Miami dealer Bernice Steinbaum with a tapestry by Hung Liu
Jean Skidmore of Praxis International Art with Ignacio Iturria painting
Rodrigo Rosquette Leonardi of Art Nouveau Galeria with Adonay Duque painting
Carlos M. Rivera of Galeria Raices with Andres Rodriguez Santos painting
Carlos M. Lopez of CMLC with Zilia Sanchez painting
Gamaliel R. Herrera of Space Other with Nina Lola Bachhuber drawings
Jacob Karpio of Jacob Karpio Galeria with Luis Barba photograph
Paul Greenaway of Greenway Art Gallery with Sally Smart installation
Diana Lowenstein of Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts with Michael Scoggins drawing
Quitin Rivera Toro of the projects space Area
Christa Schuebbe of Projektraum Christa Schuebbe with Franz Burkhardt installation
Pablo de Sousa of Aldo de Sousa Galeria de Arte with a painting by Juan Banieri
Charo Oquet of Edge Zones with Robert Miller painting
Andres Serrano signs an autograph for Paul Greenaway
Kelly Boehmer, Chuck Carbia and Rachel Hoffman perform on the opening night of Circa '06
  Paul Laster is the editor of Artkrush and a regular contributor to Artnet Magazine