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  The Out-of-Towners
Photos by Paul Laster

All roads lead to New York. Some folks stay while others pass a day then continue on their way.
Here are a few of the friendly faces recently making the stopover.
Italian dealer Francesca Minini at the Swiss Institute in SoHo
Los Angeles sculptor Liz Larner at 303 Gallery
Basel multimedia artist Zilla Leutenegger at Spencer Brownstone Gallery
Los Angeles artist Meg Cranston at Leo Koenig Inc.
Brussels collector Rita Tavernier at the Hort Collection in Tribeca
Los Angeles artist Glenn Kaino at the Project in Harlem
Geneva artist Gianni Motti's doppelganger at the Swiss Institute
London-based artist Godfried Donkor at the Scene Gallery on the Lower East Side
Taschen editor Uta Grosenick of Köln at the Swiss Institute
Kunsthalle Nurnberg director Ellen Seifermann at Priska Juschka Fine Art in Williamsburg
French artist Daniel Firman of Saint-Priest at the Swiss Institute
Parisian multimedia talent Philippe Parreno at Friedrich Petzel Gallery
Moscow painter Burova Ekaterina at Deitch Projects
Miami mega-collectors Jason, Mira and Don Rubell at the Hort Collection
San Francisco collectors Jayne and John Spensieri at the Hort Collection
Parisian artist Stephane Sautour at the Swiss Institute
Media artist Susan Smith-Pinelo of Washington, D.C., at Kenny Schachter conTEMPorary
Parisian sculptor Olivier Blanckart at the Swiss Institute
Los Angeles artist George Domantay at the Project
Los Angeles film set decorator Sandy Reynolds-Wasco and The Royal Tenenbaums' production designer David Wasco at the Cooper-Hewitt
Gagosian London director Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst at Gagosian Chelsea
Los Angeles architects Ravi Gunewardena (left) and Frank Escher at the Cooper-Hewitt
Tema Celeste features editor Milovan Farronato of Milano at Artists Space
Melbourne multimedia artist David Noonan at Foxy Productions in Williamsburg
Hyogoken artist Yuriko Yamamoto at Foxy Productions
Britton artist Bruno Pienado at the Swiss Institute
Philadelphia artist John Finneran at Rivington Arms on the Lower East Side
Parkett publisher Dieter von Graffenried of Zurich at the Swiss Institute
Moscow art duo Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky at Deitch Projects
Los Angeles artist Kori Newkirk next door to the Project
Ghent conceptualist Wim Delvoye smoking on Broadway
Helsinkian artist Terhi Heino at the LMCC Benefit at Anne Klein in SoHo
San Franciscan author and editor Barnaby Conrad III at Deitch Projects