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Photos by Paul Laster
Artists and their works in New York City, winter 2003-spring 2004.
Mahomi Kunikata with her paintings at Marianne Boesky Gallery
Christian Marclay and Kiki Smith at the Studio Museum in Harlem
Art Asia Pacific editor Franklin Sirmans at the Studio Museum in Harlem
Rei Sato with her painting at Marianne Boesky Gallery
Spencer Tunick and web designer Cynthia Wang with Sue Williams painting at the Hort Collection
Tony Matelli with Chiho Aoshima wallpaper at LFL Gallery
Asia Society director Vishakha Desai at the Asian Art Fair
Rirkrit Tiravanija at TRANS>area
Lisa Reihana with her photographs at the Asia Society
Curator Kathleen Goncharov at the Studio Museum in Harlem
Christophe Mao of Chambers Fine Art with photo by Chi Peng
Dealers Emmanuel Perrotin and Zach Feuer with a painting by Mr. at LFL Gallery
Anna Palakunnathu Matthews with her prints at Sepia International
TRANS>area director Sandra Antelo-Suarez
Artist Yang Fudong at TRANS>area
Amar Kanwar at Peter Blum
Maccarone Inc. director Angela Kotinkaduwa at the Swiss Institute
Michael Parekowhai with his sculpture at Asia Society
Melissa Chiu with a painting by Shane Cotton at Asia Society
Photographer Patrick Demarchelier and Harperís Bazaar photo editor Cary Leitzes with Chiho Aoshima installation at LFL Gallery
Eleanor Hyun with Korean wrapping cloth at the Asian Art Fair
Robert Berlind and Yi Chen with his paintings at Plum Blossoms Gallery
Hisae Iwaoka completing her installation at Marianne Boesky Gallery
Sunil Gupta with his photography at Sepia International
Jean-Claude and Christo with Coalition for the Homeless director Mary Brosnahan Sullivan at the Hort Collection
Curator Gao Minglu with Ding Yi painting at Ethan Cohen Gallery
Izumi Chiaraluce with painting by Nicole Eisenman at the Hort Collection
Parkett editor Cay Sophie Rabinowitz with Katy Schimert sculpture at the Hortís
Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky with painting by Lisa Ruyter at the Hortís
Sueo Mitsuma of Mizuma Art Gallery with photo by Makoto Aida in his booth at the Armory Show
Performance art expert Roselee Goldberg with a painting by Glenn Ligon at the Hortís
Xioaze Xie with his painting at Charles Cowles Gallery
Senam Okudzeto at the Studio Museum in Harlem
Aya Takano and Chiho Aoshima at Marianne Boesky Gallery
Michal Rovner with her multimedia sculpture at PaceWildenstein