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Photographs by Paul Laster
  "Day for Night: The Whitney Biennial 2006" opens
at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Feb. 29, 2006
Brian Ermanski, self-proclaimed Prince of Downtown
Artists Kori Newkirk, Mark Bradford and Gedi Sibony
Biennial co-curator Chrissie Iles
Julianne Schwartz
Lisa Sanditz
Julieta Aranda
Lillian Ball
Architect Mark Krayenhoff and AA Bronson
Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and writer Bill Powers
Jacob El Hanani
Janene Higgins and Elliot Sharp with
Angela Strassheim photo
Jean Barberis in Jutta Koether’s installation
1995 Whitney Biennial curator Klaus Kertess
Biennial "unreliable tour guide" Momus
"Down by Law" artist
Naeem Mohaiemen
Scott Hug with
JP Munro painting
Colin Lee with daughter Kimi with Angela Strassheim's photo of a father and son
London dealer Glenn Scott Wright with
Deva Graf sculpture
Independent curator Okwui Enwezor
Whitney drawings curator Carter Foster and LA dealer
David Quadrini
White Box director Juan Puntes and Yolanda Torrubia
Bronx Museum curator Lydia Yee and Christian Marclay with Steven Parrino drawings
Tim Davis
New York dealer Waqas Wajahat and Neil Jenney
Charlie Ahearn and Jane Dickson
Kate and Jason Middlebrook
Documentary filmmaker Nancee Oku Bright and Inka Essenhigh
Biennial co-curator
Philippe Vergne