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Photos by Paul Laster
Collectors Susan and Michael Hort
entertain the visiting and local art establishment at a Sunday brunch
at their Tribeca triplex loft on Mar. 14, 2004
Architect Andrew Ong with Jason Rhoades sculpture
Congressional candidate Peter Hort, his wife Jamie and daughter Rema with Erik Parker painting
Artist Kehinde Wiley with painting by Sue Williams
Tema Celeste editors Micaela Giovannotti and Simona Vendrame with Jockum Nordstrom painting
San Francisco dealer Chris Perez of Ratio 3 with Catherine Opie photo
Curator Michael Clifton with photo by Sue de Beer
Christie’s general counsel Jo Laird and Neuberger Berman curator I. Michael Danoff with Katy Schimert sculpturet
Collectors B.J. Roemer (left) and Susan Hort
Gallerists Ronald and Frayda Feldman with Shirin Neshat photo
Gallerists Frank Demaegd of Antwerp’s Zeno X Gallery and New York dealer Jack Tilton with a Kehinde Wiley painting
From left, Fabienne Leclerc of In SITU, Paris, with artist Wim Delvoye, Monica Chung of Union Gallery, London, and collector Rita Tavernier
Hélianthe Bourdeaux-Maurin of Spike Gallery and Paris dealer Daniel Templon with Lisa Ruyter painting
Collectors Mera and Don Rubell with Sue William paintings
Whitney Museum curator Lawrence Rinder with Christian Holstad installation
Sydney dealers Tony and Roslyn Oxley with Franz Ackerman painting
Artist Paul P. with Lucky Debellevue sculpture
Collectors John and Jayne Spensieri with sculpture by Forcefield
Independent curator Renee Riccardo with painting by Deborah Grant
Cologne dealer Michael Janssen with works by Glenn Ligon
Collector Sam Grubman and Armory Show co-founder Paul Morris with Sue Williams painting
Artist Edgar Arceneaux and Aachen dealer Stephan Adamski with Glenn Ligon paintings
Dealer Marc Jancou and fiancé Pamela Berkovic with Marilyn Minter paintings and Paul McCarthy sculpture
Magda Sawon and Tamas Banovich of Postmasters Gallery with Evan Penny sculpture
Gallerist Georg Kargl with Sue Williams painting
Barbara and Howard Morse with Christian Holstad installation
Warhol Foundation president Joel Wachs with David Hammons sculpture
Miami dealer Jacob Karpio and artists Andres Serrano and Irina Movmyga with Marlene Dumas paintings
Glenn Scott Wright of Victoria Miro Gallery with Marcel Dzama drawing
Art dealer Waqas Wajahat and Elizabeth Schwartz of Deitch Projects with Franz Ackerman painting
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts curator John Ravenal with installation by Assume Vivid Astro Focus
Art dealer Roderic Steinkamp on the terrace
Artist Lisa Ruyter flanked by Andreas Fischbacher, the director her gallery in Vienna (on left) and art dealer Damon Brandt, in front of a painting by Fred Tomaselli
From left, collector Alexander Berscheid, Birte Kleemann and Judy Lybke of Eigen + Art, and artist Martin Eder
Artist Adam Pendleton with Mike Kelley painting
Hort Collection installation curator Simon Watson of Scenic
Artist Wangechi Mutu with Allan McCullum drawings
Collector Michael Hort and his grandson Sam with Katy Schimert sculpture