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 Bellwether | Soapbox

Two new galleries open in Brooklyn.
Photos by Paul Laster.

Daniel Davidson's video The Freelancer, featuring several young New York artists, Jan. 14, 2000, at Soapbox, 65 Hope Street, Williamsburg.

Christian Schumann in The Freelancer
Daniel Davidson
Reed Anderson with his onscreen character
Daniel Davidson's peephole installation Whipping the Eagle
John Bauer in The Freelancer
Soapbox's Lars Haga
Jon Widman in The Freelancer
Patrick Thorne in The Freelancer
Robert Heckes approaches Soapbox
John Newsom
Soapbox's Marni Kotak
Drive-bys Kate and Jason Middlebrook
Tricia Keightley and Jovi Schnell
Adam Raymont in The Freelancer