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 Bellwether | Soapbox

Two new galleries open in Brooklyn.
Photos by Paul Laster.

Melissa Brown, Eric Hongisto and Rebecca Vaughn, Jan. 9, 2000, at Bellwether, 150 Franklin Street, Greenpoint.
Melissa Brown with one of her paintings
Eric Hongisto with his installation
Rebecca Vaughn with one of her works
Gorney Bravin & Lee director Rodney Hill
Renee Riccardo of ARENA with Eric Hongisto's drawings
Elizabeth Peyton and Matthew Caws
Lee Boroson
Sergio Palacios and Erik Parker
Sam Messer with Melissa Brown's Fireplace Print
Bellwether's Rebecca Smith
Amy Sillman
Jerry Saltz enjoys the smell of a fresh painting
Bellwether's Matthew Keegan
Daphne Fitzpatrick of Bellwether
Bellwether's Simone Di Laura
The Bellwether shuttle van
Artnet's Paul Laster with Michael Carrington
(photo Shelley Marlow)