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  K48 Klubhouse
Photos by Paul Laster

K48 & Deitch Projects presents "Attack -- The Kult 48 Klubhouse" at Deitch Projects Brooklyn,
110 North 1st Street in Williamsburg, Nov. 21-Dec. 14, 2003
K48 mastermind Scott Hug with Mary J. Nicholson painting
Justin Samson with his Klubhouse painting
Tracy Nakayama with her hedonic watercolor
Andrew Guenther with his totemic sculpture
AA Bronson in the Klubhouse
Pink Socks performing
Austin Thomas with Jack Louth's Go Go Piss, 2002
James Powers
in the Klubhouse
Grant Worth
in the Klubhouse
Jeffrey Deitch and Chris Caccamise
Performer Phiiliip with Frank Webster painting
Sol Sax with Scott Hug/Michael Magnan collaboration
PFFR rocker Alyson Levy and Aida Ruilova
David Henry Brown, Jr. in the Klubhouse
Fashion designer Jeremy Scott with Kathy Grayson's mural
LoVid's Tali Hinkis and daughter Rana with her light sculpture
PFFR rocker John Lee with Daniel Joseph's collage installation
Coco Rosie singer Bianca Casady and actor Isabelle Albuquerque in the Klubhouse
Felicity Hogan of Flat and artscribe Sarah Murkett
Demonic drummer Marc Grubstein
Dread Scott and newfound friend Tamar Halpern
Ian Cooper with Bruce LaBruce photo
Daniel Zeller with Serge Kliaving collage
Michael Magnan with his Klubhouse wallpaper