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Photos by Paul Laster
  Sarah Morris’ Robert Towne, a ceiling mural at Lever House on Park Avenue in Manhattan,
opens Sept. 12, 2006, organized by the Public Art Fund.
Dealer Friedrich Petzel with Sarah Morris
Art collector and Lever House c.e.o. Aby Rosen, left, with Larry Gagosian and Jeff Koons
Artist Josephine Meckseper flanked by Liam Gillick, left, and Richard Phillips
Domenica Stagno of Gagosian Gallery with collector Alberto Mugrabi
Artists John Currin and Rachel Feinstein
Artist Dirk Skreber (right) with Michael Lieberman of Harris-Lieberman Gallery
MoMA curator Ann Temkin and Public Art Fund director Rochelle Steiner
Artist Martin Saar (left), singer Ines and author Bob Colacello
Make-up artist Sara Glick, flanked by artist Sean Dack (left) and cinematographer David Daniel
Attorney Meriam Soliman and artist Robert Schmaltz
Attorney Vaughn Williams and Public Art Fund board member and Bloomberg executive Erana Stennett
Artist Sean Landers and his wife, Andrea Rosen gallery director
Michelle Reyes
Artist Michael Phelan
Lever House court, with Sarah Morris ceiling mural in the foreground, Damien Hirst Virgin Mother bronze and Sol LeWitt interior mural
  Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror goes up at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, Sept. 19, 2006,
organized by the Public Art Fund and sponsored by Tumi.
PAF deputy director Richard Griggs and project manager Yayoi Sakurai
Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror at Rockefeller Center, with waiter
Anish Kapoor (left) and Nicholas Logsdail of Lisson Gallery
New Museum curator Richard Flood, New Museum director Lisa Phillips (center) and New Museum director of external affairs Karen Wong
Public Art Fund director Rochelle Steiner (left) with board member Holly Lipton
Public Art Fund president Susan K. Freedman and Rob Speyer of Tishman Speyer
Alex Logsdail of Lisson Gallery (left) and Jorg Schellman of Editions Schellman
Art Production Fund co-director Doreen Remen and Team One management director Paul Mareski
Dancer Laure Canivet (left) and art student
Lorraine Gobin
Edizioni Charta chairman Guiseppe Liverani and New York representative Francesca Sorace
Reception entry with Anish Kapoor Sky Mirror reflecting Fifth Avenue traffic
Sky Mirror fabrication assistant Isaac Silva
  Paul Laster is the editor of Artkrush and a regular contributor to Artnet Magazine