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The gallerists of New York's largest borough strut their stuff
in "Elsewhere," a celebration of the fall season
via simultaneous openings at 32 galleries
in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Sept. 23-24, 2000.
Photos by Paul Laster
Lisa Schroeder (left) and Renee Riccardo of Arena@Feed.
From left, critic Christian Viveros-Faune, artist-cum-celebrity David Henry Brown Jr. and Joel Beck at Roebling Hall.
Larry Walczak and Annie Herron of Eyewash.
Daniel Aycock of Front Room with sculpture by Jean Liebner.
Liad Baniel, Claire Lemetais and Ron Segev of Star 67 with blueprints by Pleasure Design.
Yuko Wylie of LunarBase with installation by Ken Weaver.
Perry Hoberman of Crunky Space with his trademark sign.
Chus Martinez and Alun Williams of Parker's Box with painting by Stefan Sehler.
Mike Ballou of Four Walls Projects with his installation.
Daniel Carello of Rome Arts with his work.
Erik Guzman and Mayumi Hayashi of Goliath with Robert Lemon wallwork.
Alisoun Meehan of Flame with her work.
Eric Heist of Momenta Art with installation by Akiko Ichikawa.
Ron Keyson of Keyson Gallery with photos by Robin Lowe.
Adam Price of State of the Art with sculpture by Vallessa Monk
Vallessa Monk of Monk Gallery with work by Andrea Stanislav.
Rebecca Smith of Bellwether with installation by Min Kim.
Melissa Cliver of 31 Grand with painting by Fritz Chesnut.
Jacques Halbert and Aurele Rivet of Magnifik.
Randall Harris of Figureworks with drawings by Sean King.
Hilario Nun of Fish Tank with performance by Amadeo Penalver.
Bruno Facchetti of Studio Facchetti with photo by Paul Facchetti.
George Mansfield of 4 1/2 Projects with prints by Peter Gourfain.
Il Lee of Im n Il
Richard Timperio of Sideshow with video by James Elaine.
Chris Murray and Lars Haga of FUNY.
Burr Dodd of Brooklyn Fire Proof with painting by Glenn Garner.
Paulien Lethen of Holland Tunnel with works by Fran Kornfeld, Ursula Clark and Kazuko.
Caroline Cox of Flipside with installation by Yoko Inoue.
Marni Kotak of Live Systems lecturing on Pleasure and Profit in 2000.
Joe Amrhein of Pierogi with sculpture by Robert Lazzarini