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Rowena Dring and Matt Ducklo open at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Sept. 5, 2002
Photographs by Kevin Landers
Su-en Wong's arm
Painters Su-en Wong and Yeardley Leonard
Elizabeth Dee with photo by Matt Ducklo
Matt Ducklo
Girl tribe photog Justine Kurland
Dee Gallery director Pearl Albino in a Rowena Dring t-shirt
Painter Yeardley Leonard and her husband, novelist John Reed
Poet and critic Max Henry with artist Michael Phelan
FX sculptor Julien Laverdiere
Painter Megan Gerety models a Dring t-shirt
Megan Gerety
Airplane artist Rob Fischer and mushroom sculptor Charlotta Westergren
Painter Hillary Harkness
Rowena Dring (right) and Elizabeth Dee with one of Dring's works
Photog Katy Grannan and baby Grannan