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People at the Berlin Biennale and related events, via photos by April Elizabeth Lamm, April 2001.
Berlin artist John Bock in headgear by Carsten Höller at the opening of Schipper & Krome's new space
Artist Svetlana Heger and dealer Medhi Chouakri at "Berlin Republic: New Art from Germany" at Chouakri
Anton Henning with a recent painting at gallery Wohnmaschine
Berlin Biennale artist Christian Jankowski at the post-opening party of the Berlin Biennale
Andreas Schlaeger (currently in a group show at the Saatchi Gallery in London) and dealer Guido Baudach of gallery Maschenmode playing ping pong on Schlaeger's latest mirrored artwork
Carsten Höller at his opening
Neo Rauch in front of one of his most recent paintings at the Deutsche Guggenheim opening
Olaf Breuning at his post-opening dinner at Matthias Arndt's house
Leipzig Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst curator Jan Winkelmann and friend at the Carsten Höller opening
Judy Lybke of Eigen + Art (left) and Damian Grieder of Griedervonputtkamer at the same party
Andreas Schlaeger (left) and Flash Art German editor Wolf Guenther Thiel