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  Out in L.A.
The Absolut-L.A. Art International opens
at the UCLA/Armand Hammer Museum on July 14, 1999.
More than 60 galleries in L.A., Santa Monica, Venice, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills
host shows by artists from around the world.
Photos by Adam F. Gross with Irit Krygier

From left, Dutch artist Frank Van Der Salm, L.A. dealer Jan Kesner and Dutch artist Mariska Van Den Enden
Armand Hammer director Anne Philbin and curator Jack Shear
Actress Sarah McDonnell with real estate developer Irv Siegel (center) and dealer William Turner
Rosamund Felsen with Australian artist Stephen Bush
Butterfield's auctioneer Viveca Paulin and Saturday Night Live's Will Farrell
Joni Weyl and Sidney Felsen of Gemini G.E.L.
From left, artist Pauline Stella Sanchez, N.Y. dealer Mariacristina Parravicini and Laguna Art Museum chief curator Tyler Stallings
From left, L.A. dealers Diane and Ernie Wolfe, artist Joe Goode with dealer Hiromi Katayama, L.A. dealer Patricia Faure, dealer Aldis Browne and Michelle Melonas of Faure Gallery
From left, artist and dealer Garner Tullis, art legend Henry Hopkins and Svenrobert Lunquist, director of Konstallen Goteborg in Sweden
From left, dealer Jonathan Stephenson of London's Rocket Gallery, Jason Prohaska of, Parkett West Coast editor Bettina Hubby and N.Y. dealer Paul Judelson of I-20
Team Gallery's Jose Friere (left) and Ace Gallery's Douglas Chrismas
Clockwise from bottom left: Artist Nicola Durvasula, dealer Patricia Correia, Rahul Bhushan, curator Rashna Bhushan and artists Anita Dube and Pushpamala N.
From left, L.A. dealer Louis Stern, artist Pol Bury and Patrick Bonges of Louis Carre Gallery, Paris
Cirrus Gallery's Jean Milant (left) with dealer Herb Palmer and wife Lillian