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Photos by Ruth Fruehauf
The art world welcomes the fall season in the City by the Bay
with a series of openings on the weekend of Sept. 9, 2004
Gallerist Patricia Sweetow
Trish Bransten and Carey Perlov, director of the American Conservatory Theatre
Rena Bransten, Walter Maciel, Jenny Baie and Calvert Barron, with a work by Stephane Couturier
Diana Fuller and Ed Gilbert from Gallery Paule Anglim
Anne Appleby at Gallery Paule Anglim
Gay Outlaw, artist from Paule Anglim, and George Lawson, artist, at Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery
Rob Forbes, Design with in Reach at Ampersand
Wired Magazine founder Jane Metcalfe at Ampersand
Patron of the arts Bob Godorsky
Cheryl Haines, Haines Gallery
Barbara Schulte of Be-Space and collector Marina Bianchi
Ann Hatch, Capp Street Founder, and Bay Area conceptualist David Ireland
Larry Evans in front of a painting by Charles Brown
Dealer John Berggruen takes a call while previewing the Sol LeWitt show
Kim Eagle-Smith and Mel Elins from Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery showing George Lawson
Art dealer Brian Gross
Nancy Toumey of Toumey Tourell
Dealer Jeffrey Fraenkel with a new Sol LeWitt installation
Courtney Fink, director, Southern Exposure
David Lawrence of the online magazine Stretcher, at Southern Exposure
Haines Gallery associate director Chuck Mobley (left) and artist Yoshitomo Saito
Artist Binn Danh at his opening at Haines Gallery
Dealer Catherine Clark and artist Christoph Draeger at his opening
Dealer Catherine Clark with artists Christoph Draeger (left) and Reuben Lorch-Miller
Bruno Mauro of Ampersand Gallery and artist Uli Gassman
Dealer Catherine Haley of Haley Martin Galleries at Ampersand
Art historian Isabel Breskin at Binn Danh’s opening
Karen Breuer, curator of contemporary graphic art at Fine Arts Museum of San Fran and Nicole Miller of Haines gallery
Jon Brumit installing "Neighborhood Public Radio" at Southern Exposure
Arts Patrons Leigh Marshal and Christine Landow at Ampersand
Petra de Matran (right) and friend
Nilus de Matran, architect; Serena Black, Marchesa de Montoro; and Ampersand’s artists Tanya Hastings and Sarah Wagner
Phillip and Helga Fleishman of Imari Gallery and Sue Dunlap, colllector