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Photos by Ruth Fruehauf
  Out at Art L.A. at the Santa Monica Civic Center, Jan. 25-29, 2006, and the Los Angeles Art Show,
organized by the Fine Art Dealers Association at Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport, also Jan. 25-29, 2006
Parker Jones and Amanda Philips of the Black Dragon Society gallery
Alina Gatti and Caryn Coleman from Sixspace gallery
Western Projects’ Cliff Benjamin and dealer Kathy Markel in the Western Projects booth
Charles Linder wearing artist Zach Davis’ The Chicken Backpack
Debra Zee and Jenna Philips at the Viceroy
Dewitt McCall III at De Ru’s Fine Art
Marylou and Jack Rutberg in their booth
Jamie Sobieski of Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena
Jack Hanley with Liz Mulholland and Martha Otero
MOCA Contemporary boardmember Janine Arbelaez and filmmaker Elias Nahmias
Jose Tasende and daughter Bettina
in their booth
Kate De Castelbajac and Jonathan Novak
Jeffrey Winter and Martin Wolpert from Papillon Gallery
Kate De Castelbajac and Richard Polsky
Jeremy Tessmer of Sullivan Goss gallery
Kathleen Avery and Hillary Welde in the Kathleen Avery Gallery booth
Nicolo Brooker at
Fishko Gallery
Artist Guillaume Sebag-Levy in the pool at the Viceroy Hotel
Dealers Mel Elins and Kim Eagle-Smith
Artist Steve Miller in front of
an Alexander Calder work
Raman Frey and Wendi Norris from Frey Norris Gallery
Dealers William Turner and Robert Berman flanking artist Michael Tabori