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Photos by Ruth Fruehauf
Dealer Stephen Cohen launches a new art fair, Art L.A.,
at the Santa Monica Civic Center Auditorium, Jan. 27-30, 2005
Los Angeles Times writer Suzanne Muchnin
Jaime Scholnick in her "Shoot a Mouth on Hello Kitty!" getup
Art L.A. organizer Stephen Cohen
Bob Roach and Antoinette Beuche admiring Jason Hackenwerth's balloon sculpture in the lobby
Los Angeles art dealers Syd Felson,
Joni Weyl and Jonathan Novak
A work by Brad Howe at Sculptural Philosophy gallery
David Gamble and Sara Nightingale in front of Gamble's photo of Andy Warhol's
medicine chest
Cliff Benjamin and Erin Kermanikian
of Western Project
Photo dealer Adam Bieske
with his wife, Sara Berger
Collector Daniel Greenberg with a photo by Robert Lyons at
Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Dermot Begley
of Caracola Latin American Fine Art
Collector Patricia Twitty
Geoff Emery of Beverly Hills Porsche and Audi, and opera enthusiast John Hoffman
Bibe Stockman and Johanna Felder of the Laguna Beach Collectors Council
Ad exec (and former art dealer) Jeffrey Thomas and Portland gallerist
Elizabeth Leach
Carrie Secrist in her booth
Ella Rolandi and Michael Maloney
of Michael Maloney Fine Art
Jason Hackenwerth at the booth of Anna Ortt, New York
Swedish dealer Bjorn Wetterling
Sam Freeman, David Leventhal and Heather Harmon in front of David's photos, "Dirty Rotten Secrets," at Cartelle Gallery
Cameron Whiteman from
PBA Galleries
Wendi Norris and Raman Frey
in their booth
Fair enthusiasts Laura Johnson and Chris Kearns
Andrea Feldman Falcione, curator of the Mike Ovitz Family Collection, with husband Greg
Collectors Cindi Dunne and
Glenn Ossiander
Jette and Hans van den Dool,
consulate general of the Netherlands
James Nicholson and Ivan Vera in Nicholson's booth
Ethan Cohen's "Van Go" traveling art show
Inside New York dealer Ethan Cohen's
Winnebago art show
David and Joanna McAuliffe from Angles Gallery