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"Cavepainting" opens at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Feb. 8-Mar. 31, 2002,
an experimental exhibition installed by the artists themselves --
Peter Doig, Chris Ofili and Laura Owens.
Plus, Mark Leckey's Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore in the video project room.
Photos by Suzanne Dunn
Peter Doig
Laura Owens, Chris Ofili
Cavepainting, the catalogue
Chris Ofili, Laura Owens and Peter Doig installing the show.
Chris Ofili with SMMoA curator Ciara Ennis
Installation view, with works by Owens and Peter Doig
Mark Leckey (left) and partygoer
Installation view, with works by Ofili (left) and Owens
Su-en Wong opens "Good Girls" and Vanessa Beecroft opens "VB 45/VB 48" at
Deitch Projects in SoHo, Mar. 1, 2002
Photos by Ezpei
Su-en Wong with one of her works
The crowd at Beecroft's opening
Jeffrey Deitch and Vanessa Beecroft, with one of her photos
Su-en Wong's Icy Moondrops
Su-en's cake, dished out to visitors at the opening
Painter Giles Lyon
Painter Alexis Karl
Elliott Arkin with daughter Eva and Jen Kesseler
Stux Gallery director
Mike Weiss
From left, collectors Mark Lerner, Norman Dubrow and Phyllis Tuchman