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Photos by Rob Davis of Law Office
The Stray Show art fair opens in Chicago, Dec. 13-15, 2002
Artist Ayana McCloud and Amy Saxe in front of Saxe's painting
Keith Benjamin, director of Warsaw Project Space, Cincinnati
Daniel Reich of Daniel Reich Gallery, New York
Artist and curator Howard Fonda with photographer Remy Barnes
Raid Projects L.A. artist George Doneo and Peter Lamb of Rapid Projects U.K.
Evan Boris with Chicago dealer Monique Meloche and happy viewers
From left, Stephen Bushman, Peregrine Honig and Pat Alexander of the Fahrenheit Gallery, Kansas City
Wisconsin artists Scott Reeder and James Franklin
Vince Dermody of Law Office, Chicago
Jimmy McBride and Judith Hoffman of Luxury Goods, Chicago
Donald Schmaltz, director of Dupreau Gallery, Chicago
Bob Fitzpatrick and Michael Rooks of the MCA Chicago
Director Bill Thelen (on right) and Artist Paul Evans of Lump Galleery/Projects, Raleigh
Tim Brow, owner of Telephonebooth, Kansas City
Melissa Schubeck, director of Joymore Gallery, Chicago, with Steve Lacy painting
Artists Rich Mansfield and Maggie Bogdanich
Marc Leblanc and Van Harrison of Apt. 1R Gallery, Chicago
Nicole Francis of Boom Gallery, Oak Park, Ill.
Rob Davis and Michael Langlois of Law Office at the LO booth
Artist James Shrobree (left) and Paul Kotula, director of Revolution Gallery, Detroit
Artists Brian Taylor, Mike Wolf and Yuki Kokubo of the Dogmatic Franchise, Chicago
Tony Wight, director of Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery, Chicago
From left, artists Sherin Guirguis, Osvaldo Trujillo, Malcolm Post (director of Post L.A.), artist Martin Durazo and Jamie Scholnick
Seven Three Split director Tim Fleming with Kathrine Pease
Nick Frank of Wisconsin, Scott Speh (director of Western Exhibitions, Chicago) with artist Kirsten Stoltmann