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Photos by Patterson Beckwith

Catherine Opie opens a show of large format Polaroids of performance artist Ron Athey and his collaborator Darryl L. Carlton at Thread Waxing Space, May 18, 2000.

Sales of the 13 works -- $10,000 each -- go to support the Estate Project for Artists with AIDS and towards the production of a new Athey work in New York.
Ron Athey
Darryl L. Carlton, aka Divinity Fudge
Catherine Opie and Estate Project director Patrick Moore
Thread Waxing Space director Ellen Salpeter
Johanna Fateman of the rock band Le Tigre
Photo team Lovett/Codagnone
Cindy Greene of the Chicago performance troupe Fischer-Spooner
Performance artist
Diane Torr
L.A. critic and curator Terry R. Myers
Smoothie distributor Skaughi Nguyen and
L.A. dog sitter Amanda Resch
  Sonnabend opens its new Chelsea headquarters
at 536 West 22nd Street
with a 40-year retrospective of gallery artists
May 6, 2000

Dealer Brooke Alexander
Photog Collier Schorr
SoHo dealer Sandra Gering with painting by Ashley Bickerton
Painter-photographer Dan Asher
Barry LeVa
Stefano Basilico
Video artist Ursula Hodel
Greene Naftali's Simma Familant in the Sonnabend courtyard
Lawrence Weiner
  Mary Boone opens a double show of paintings
by Inka Essenhigh and Peter Halley,
May 5, 2000
Inka Essenhigh
Mary Boone and painter Damian Loeb
Painter Sissel Kardell
Painter Pia Dehne
Magda Sawon of Postmasters Gallery
Painter Nate Lowman
and photog Kava
Fabulous photog Micha Klein
and model girlfriend