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  Out in New York
Pieter Schoolwerth opens a show of his paintings
at American Fine Arts in SoHo on Apr. 20, 2000.
Photos by Patterson Beckwith.
Institutional critiquist
Andrea Fraser
AFA guru Colin De Land with
Pieter Schoolwerth
Video idol
Alex Bag
The St. Reverend Jen
Swiss Institute Scotsman Jackie McAlister
One of the works
Fx stylist Julian LaVerdiere
Dealer Carol Greene, left, and Brazilian lenser Daniela Rossell
Artist Rob Pruitt and his dog Chicken
Tattoo artist
Alix Lambert
From left, Emma Chapa and Danny McDonald from AFA and Bronwyn Keenan's Jacqueline Hopes
Schoolwerth (right) with
Takahiro Immamura
Artists Rosalie Knox (left) and Amy Gartrell