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Photos by Patterson Beckwith
The Armory Show 2001 opens on Piers 88 & 90 over the Hudson River in New York City, Feb. 22-26, 2001.
Alex Bag's sculpture of a white van
at American Fine Arts.
Erwin Wurm's Fat Car (2000) at Art:Concept, Paris
Paris dealer Almine Reich's husband, Sidney Picasso (Pablo's grandson)
Almine Reich
John Waters, collector Marcia May and American Fine Arts' Daniel McDonald
Viennese dealer
Georg Kargl
Tony Matelli's seeing-eye-dog sculpture
of American Fine Arts
Dutch photog
Inez van Lamsweerde
Sissy, the Pat Hearn Gallery dog
Matthew Marks and Andreas Gursky
Cologne dealer
Christian Nagel.
New York dealer Colin De Land, Bennett Simpson and French curator Nicholas Borriaud.
Artforum ad chief
Knight Landesman
Charlie Finch
Photog Patterson Beckwith (left) with Greek art dealer Rebecca Camhi
New York dealer
Andrew Kreps
Massimo Audiello
Tracey Emin
Art & Public's Pierre Huber
Gregory Crewdson
Performance photog Hiroshi Sunairi
Venetia Kapernekas (left), Axel Mörner and Claire Corey
Charlotta Westergin's turtle
at Deel Gladsoe
London dealer
Emily Tsingou