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  OUT AT ART(212)
Photos by Mary Barone
  Art(212)ís gala preview benefit for the New York Foundation for the Arts
and AID for AIDS, at the 69th Regiment Armory, Sept. 27, 2006
Photographers Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg, with dealer Kathleen Cullen
Zingmagazineís Janice Yu, Anna Knoebel and Grace Kim, with Observer picture editor Melanie Flood
Cris Worley and Janda Wetherington of Pan American Art, from Dallas, Tex.
Dealer Florence Lynch with her husband Carlo Ferrars
and son Giordano
Holasek Weir galleryís
Vanina Holasek
Tema Celesteís Micela Giovannotti checking out the wares at Duke Riley presents Paul Piers Collection, an installation at White Box
Pierre Sernetís Guerilla Tea, an installation at White Box
Francesca Sonora, of Clevelandís M% gallery
Artist Joe Lewis inside
the new Acura
Artnetís Ulli Muenker (right) and Winstar Interactive Mediaís Marni Jurman inside the new Acura
Artnetís Saehee Hwang with artist John Dessereau
Sculptor Linus Corragio at the booth of Michael Steinberg
Artist Joshua Levine