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Photos by Mary Barone
Perry Rubenstein unveils his new gallery on 23rd Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea art district
with an exhibition of works by Robin Rhode, Sept. 17-Oct. 30, 2004
Guggenheim Museum deputy director Lisa Dennison
Perry Rubenstein (left) and
artist Robin Rhode
Rubenstein gallery director Sylvia Chivaratanond
Christie’s contemporary art expert Laura Paulson and dealer
David Zwirner
New York Times art critic
Roberta Smith
Art & Auction editor Bruce Wolmer and art-market reporter Judd Tully
Village Voice art critic Jerry Saltz
Steve Martin
Publicist (and Mrs. Rubenstein) Sara Fitzmaurice
Christie's contemporary art specialist Alicia Bona
Dealer Tony Shafrazi
Mary Boone (center) with collectors
Michael and Ninah Lynne
The Art Production Fund's Yvonne Force with Miami collector
Paul Bernstein
Tim Davis opens "My Life in Politics"
at the Bohen Foundation on West 13th Street in Manhattan, Sept. 11-Nov. 5, 2004
The Bohen Foundation's
Fred Henry
Artist Tim Davis
Choreographer Trisha Brown
Photographer Joel Sternfeld
Village Voice art critic
Vince Aletti
LOT-EK founders Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano
Artist Nicole Eisenman
Bohen Foundation program manager Blaire Dessert and artist Michael Joo
Artist Marc Ganzglass
Artist Danny Bright and Bohen Foundation program director Joan Weakley
Artist Shoshanna Dentz and Brent Sikkema Gallery’s Teka Selman
Artist Alyssa Court
Choreographer Liz Gerring and artist Burt Barr
Rizzoli hosts a book-signing for Full Bloom, Hunter Drohojowska-Philp’s new biography
of Georgia O’Keeffe, at its 57th Street Store in Manhattan, Sept. 22, 2004
Art critics Barbara MacAdam (left) and Phyllis Tuchman
Art critics Peter Plagens (left), Hunter Drohojowska-Philp and Robert Pincus-Witten
Warhol chronicler Steven Watson
Bridget Riley opens a show of her new work
at PaceWildenstein on East 57th Street, Sept. 23, 2004
Pace director Douglas Baxter
Bridget Riley
Pace director Susan Dunn
Artist James Siena
Michael Govan
Art critic Carol Kino and artist
Bruce Pearson
Elizabeth Murray and
John Elderfield
Phaidon Press' Richard Schlagman
Artist Cleve Gray
Pace Gallery's Marc Glimcher
"Inaugural Ball," a group show curated by Elizabeth Cooper and Jan Mollet,
premieres at Morsel, a new gallery in East Williamsburg, Sept. 25, 2004
Artist Duane Paul
Artist Ginna Triplett
Artist Nils Folke Andersen and his new wife, Alexandra Posen
Curator Elizabeth Cooper
Artist Jeremy Stenger
Curator Jan Mollet
Artist Linda Ganjian
Artist Lisa Hamilton