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Photos by Mary Barone
Openings for William Eggleston at Cheim & Read,
Katherine Bernhardt at Canada, Spencer Sweeney at GBE, more.
Cheim & Read hosts a premiere party for Michael Almereyda’s film, William Eggleston in the Real World, Aug. 31, 2005
William Eggleston
David Byrne
William Eggleston with photographer Anita Thatcher
Photographer Stephen Shore
Rutger Hauer
Artist Dan Asher
Filmmaker Michael Almereyda
Katherine Bernhardt opens "96 Degrees in the Shade," an exhibition of her paintings, at Canada, Sept. 7, 2005
The DJs
Artists William Newhouse, Dana Schutz and Jeff Bechtel
Katherine Bernhardt
Artist Lisa Mangi-Rubinstein
Menswear model
Ghurron Briscoe
Dealer Zach Feuer
Artist Jose Lerma
Artist Brendan Cass
Artist Suzanne Butler
Harris Lieberman debuts its new gallery space at 89 Vandam Street, Sept. 7, 2005
Gallery owners Jessie Washburne-Harris
and Michael Lieberman
Miami Collectors Al Gileo and Paul Bernstein
Artist Josh Smith
Artforum’s Knight Landesman and wife
Spencer Sweeney opens at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Sept. 10, 2005
Spencer Sweeney’s Turning a Cab Back into a Police Car into a Disco at GBE
Spencer Sweeney
Taylor Mead with video artist Michel Auder
Elizabeth Peyton
John Pylypchuk opens "I have thought deep into this trouble" at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, Sept. 10, 2005
John Pylypchuk
China Art Object’s
Steve Hanson and son
Artist Sarah Morris
Drag artist Curtis Curtsey
And more, at Guild & Greyshkul, David Zwirner, Deitch Projects, Marianne Boesky, Anton Kern Gallery and Metro Pictures
Artist Trenton Duerksen at Guild & Greyshkul, Sept. 7, 2005
Marcel Dzama and David Zwirner,
Sept. 8, 2005
Artist Raqib Shaw at Deitch Projects, Sept. 7, 2005
Yoshitomo Nara at Marianne Boesky Gallery
Sotheby’s auctioneer Tobias Meyer at Metro Pictures, Sept. 10, 2005
Lara Schnitger at Anton Kern Gallery, Sept. 8, 2005
Artists Lucy McKenzie and Lucile Desemory at Metro Pictures, Sept. 10, 2005
Choreographer and Spencer Sweeney collaborator Maria Hassabi at GBE
Artist and art dealer Sara VanDerBeek at Guild & Greyshkul, Sept. 7, 2005