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  PARTY 101
Photos by Mary Barone
The Judd Foundation kicks off the fall 2004 art season in New York with a party
at its 101 Spring Street headquarters to celebrate "Design ≠ Art"
at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Sept. 10-Feb. 20, 2004.
The Judd Foundation's Madeleine Hoffmann and Judd boardmember John Wotowicz
Judd Foundation president Rainer Judd (left) with Cooper-Hewitt curator Barbara Bloemink and director Paul W. Thompson
Culturepreneur Ellen Salpeter
Elisabeth Cunnick and Peter Freeman of AD Gallery
Richard Artschwager
Donald Judd's master bedroom design
Artists Kiki Smith and Tom Sachs
John Good of Gagosian Gallery
Paula and Jack Cooper
Arne and Miller Glimcher
Judd boardmember Rob Beyer and his wife, Lauren Pack
Designers Matt Murphy (right) and Ross Klein
A Dan Flavin work at the Judd Foundation
Judd Foundation's Yuji Agematsu