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Photos by Mary Barone
  Robert Wilsonís Watermill Center holds its 2006 summer gala, July 15, 2006
Art scribe Anthony Haden-Guest
Robert Wilson
Living Sculpture
Veronica Hearst
Water Mill community board members Carol and
Alex Rosenberg
Art dealer Alice Judelson
Photographer Alix Smith
Isabella Rossellini
Outdoor installation by Cao Fei
Art collector Jane Holzer
Lou Reed
Performer in action
Annie Leibovitz
A future Wilson performer
Cuban artist Tania Bruguera
Fashion designer Mary McFadden
Los Angeles County Museum of Art director Michael Govan with his wife, Katherine Ross
Penny McCall Foundation director Megan Riley (right) with Whitney Museum curator Shamim Momin
  Art dealers and more at SCOPE HAMPTONS 2006, July 14-16, 2006
Andre Schlechtreim of Andre Schlechtreim Contemporary,
New York
Munich Dealer Andre Binder with a painting by Matthias Meyer
Artist Matthias Meyer
Sarah Gavlak of Gavlak, West Palm Beach
Art critic Joao Ribas
New York photo dealer
James Danziger
Southampton art dealer
Beth McNeill
Artist Lori Precious at the booth of Jane Hartís lemon sky: projects + editions, Miami
Basel dealer Marc de Puechredon
María José López, director of Charro Negro Gallery, Zapopan, Mexico
Artist Tapp Francke at McNeill Art Group, Southampton
Lexi Brown, director of the Happy Lion, Los Angeles
Aeneas Bastian and Dr. Harriet Haussler, founders of the Upstairs Berlin Gallery
Düsseldorf dealer
Anne Klinkhammer
Hitomi Ochiai, director of Galerie Hitomi Bushi díEau, Paris
Artist Hidemi Shimura
Artist Kevin Fey at the booth of Douz & Mille, Bethseda, Md.
Julian Jackson, founder of Metaphor Gallery, Brooklyn
Nils Grossien, director of White Trash Contemporary, Hamburg