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Photos by Mary Barone
Fashion designer Paul Smith signs his new book
You Can Find Inspiration in Everything . . . and if you can't look again
at Bergdorf Goodman Loft in Manhattan
hosted by D.A.P. Inc. on May 8, 2002
Conde Nast editorial director James Truman
Sir Paul Smith signing copies of his new book
Sir Paul Smith
D.A.P.'s Alex Galan
From left, Colette Youell of Paul Smith London and Paul Smith PR person Cindy Vieira
Bergdorf Goodman book-buyer Nicholas Manville
Judd Furniture on exhibition at the Mercer Hotel in SoHo
organized by Madeleine Hoffman
May 11, 2002
Judd Furniture's Madeleine Hoffman
From left, "kissin' cousins" Julie Finch, Charlie Finch and Rainer Judd
Filmmaker & Warhol expert Vincent Fremont
Musician Judy Nylon
Artists Kelly Lamb and Millree Hughes
Artist Karin Davie