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Photos by Mary Barone
  The Alliance for the Arts presents its annual prize to Diane Mulcahy Coffey at a gala held at the Rainbow Room
with special guest Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and musical guest the Peter Duchin Orchestra, May 23, 2006
AFA president Randall Bourscheidt with Lincoln Center boardmember and former Koch administration arts liaison Diane
Mulcahy Coffe
AFA chairman
Ashton Hawkins
AFA vice chairman Fiona Howe Rudin with City Council finance committee chair David I. Weprin
New York City culture czar Kate D. Levin
Former New York City mayor David Dinkins
Former New York City mayor
Ed Koch
New York City mayor
Michael R. Bloomberg
New York art dealer Charles Cowles with his mother,
Jan Cowles
The Peter Duchin Orchestra
Ballet Hispanico founder
Tina Ramirez
  The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art spring gala, celebrating the U.S. premiere of Anselm Kiefer’s painting installation
"Velimir Chlebnikov," honors Meagan and Alexander Julian with the 2006 Larry Award for 30 years
of design and arts education, May 20, 2006
Actor Giancarlo Esposito (in an Alexander Julian design) with musician Eric Lewis
Fashion designer Alexander Julian, the Larry Award honoree
Artist Doug Wada
New York Foundation for the Arts president
Kathleen O’Grady
Artist Laleh Khorramian
Aldrich trustee Georganne Aldrich Heller with her husband,
Norman Sachs
Aldrich Museum director Henry Philbrick
Tiffany models Nola Ariffin and Fleure Presner, wearing Frank Gehry’s new jewelry designs for Tiffany (a gala sponsor)
New York art dealers Margaret Thatcher and Pavel Zoubok
NPR radio host Scott Simon with his wife and daughter
  Ryan McGinness opens his exhibition, "GASGRASSORASS," at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller on Newtown Lane
in East Hampton, New York, on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27, 2006
Ryan McGinnis and his wife, Trish
Artists Will Cotton (left) and Ross Bleckner
Bookseller Glenn Horowitz (left) with Ed Herbst
  Avant-garde choreographer Elizabeth Streb and S.L.A.M. present the Inaugural Action Maverick Award to
Phillippe Petit at STREB’s Spring Gala at S.L.A.M. in Williamsburg, May 19, 2006
Elizabeth Streb
Maverick Award presenter Debra Winger with her son, Noah Hutton, and daughter, Babe Ruth Howard, and her muse, Philippe Petit
Political satirist and gala emcee Kate Clinton
STREB action mechanic Terry Dean Bartlett
Air America radio host Laura Flanders
Hammer Museum director Annie Philbin (top) with her partner Cynthia Wornham, director of eternal affairs for the Sundance Institute
Heart of Brooklyn director Ellen Salpeter (left) and Design Trust founder Andrea Woodner
Guest performer Nathalie Enterline