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Out in London with Mary Barone
Vincent Gallo opens at Lotta Hammer Gallery, May 25, 1999, sponsored by Beck's Beer.

Performance artist Jennifer Potter (left) and artist Anna Malni
Lotta Hammer and her assistant, L.A. Mark
One of the works
Vincent Gallo
From left, designer Trevor Griffith and video director Milivoj Ilic
Artist Simon Henwood
Beck's Beer commisar Anthony Fawcett
Vincent from the waist down
Alexander of Incubus Clan
GQ Magazine's
Sean Toumey
Webproducer Clint Golding and Webdesigner Kaoru Sato
Lotta's mom

Christopher Bucklow opens at Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, June 1, 1999

Jake Miller of the Approach Gallery
Christopher Bucklow
The artist known as "Bob & Roberta Smith"
Anthony Wilkinson
Lux Gallery director Gregor Muir and Lux's Gloria Maipico
Jim Lambie opens "lo-fi" at the Showroom, June 1, 1999

Jim Lambie
Installation view
Dealer Sadie Coles
Sadie Coles Gallery director Pauline Daly

Gideon Cube-Sherman launches his book, Life, Art, Work,
sponsored by Ellipsis Publishing at the Foundry, June 3, 1999.

Ellipsis co-publisher
Tom Neville
Gideon Cube-Sherman's Life, Art, Work book stack
Artist Gideon Cube-Sherman
TV producer Jan Shakespeare
Ellipsis co-publisher Jonathan Moberly
Ellipsis photo editor Heike Loewenstein