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Photos by Mary Barone
Scenes from the New York art world, spring 2005.
  Sophie von Hellerman opens an exhibition of her paintings at Greene-Naftali Gallery in Chelsea, May 12, 2005
Gloria Naftali (left) with Angela Errico
Sophie von Hellerman
Hobbypop Museum collaborators Celine Schaefer and Dietmar Lutz
Sophie von Hellerman's Dancing in the Kitchen with You (2005)
Art dealers James Fuentes (left) and Jonathan Viner
Artist Karen Hegel
From left, Rachel Williams of Vilma Gold, Rodney Hill of Mark Foxx and Linn Lühn of Galerie Jablonka Lühn
Foxy Productions director Michael Gillespie
Photographer Paul Graham
  Elizabeth Neel opens at Gasser-Grunert, May 12, 2005
Artist Elizabeth Neel
Artist Kristin Baker
Artist Tessa Mecham
Artist Nin Brudermann
Douglas Kelley and Clemens Gasser
Elizabeth’s mom, Ginny Neel
Video magician Michel Auder
Filmmakers Andrew Neel and Rebecca Spence
Artist Ralph Mayer
Dealer Tanya Grunert
Artist Seth McBride
Artist Justin Faunce
  Tim Lokiec opens at Zach Feuer Gallery, May 14, 2005
Jillaine Toebe and dealer Zach Feuer
One of the works
Artist Rainer Ganahl
Tim Lokiec
Artist David Altmejd and Team Gallery’s Miriam Katzeff
Artist Jules de Balincourt
Artists Simone Schuback and Adam Rapoport
Artist Molly Larkey
Artist Jane Benson
David Zwirner Gallery’s
Ben Berlow
Artist Elizabeth Huey
  The Public Art Fund holds its annual benefit auction gala at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, May 18, 2005
PAF outgoing director Tom Eccles and artist Constance de Jong
PAF boardmember Billie Tsien with Brenda Levin
Artist Chakia Booker and Mr. Greengard
Lelong Gallery director
Mary Sabbatino
Artist Olav Westphalen
PAF’s Laurie Hoffman
Artist Josiah McIlhenney
Artist Amy Gartrell and Daniel Reich Gallery director Meredith Darrow
From left, Barbara Gladstone Gallery’s Adam Ottavi, Max Falkenstein and Miciah Hussey
Artists EV Day and Marc Swanson
Marian Goodman Gallery’s Rose Lord
Artist Tom Otterness
Art dealer James Cohan
Artist John Monte