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Photos by Mary Barone
Alfred Knopf celebrates Bill Clinton and his new memoirs at Great Hall
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, June 21, 2004
Bill Clinton
Chelsea Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Charlie Rose
Mark Green and New York painter Stephen Posen
Artists Brice Marden and Helen Marden
Fran Leibovitz and Robert Rauschenberg
Democratic Victory 2004 auction, organized by America Coming Together and ARTSPAC,
at Phillips, de Pury & Company, June 29, 2004
James Lavender, dealer Mari Spirito and curator Madeline Hoffmann
Lisa Perry co-chair of Democratic Victory 2004
Artist Ellen Harvey
Auctioneer Simon de Pury and dealer Jeanne Greenberg
Agnes Gund
Carol Greene of Greene Naftali Gallery and artist Ricky Albenda
PaceWildenstein director Douglas Baxter
Artist Laurie Simmons
Artist Dana Shutz
Collector David Tiger
Dealer Kelly Taxter of Taxter and Spengemann Gallery
Downtown fashion designer Kathy Kemp
Artist Lisa Ruyter
Artnet Magazine editor Ana Finel Honigman and artist Hope Atherton
Fashion photographer Todde Berle
Dealer Matthew Marks
Sarah Paulson of the Ronald Feldman Gallery
Rose Lord of the Marian Goodman Gallery and Brit artist Dexter Dalwood
Ronald Feldman
Collectors Ben and Donna Rosen
Zack Feuer of LFL Gallery
Artforum ad chief Knight Landesman
Auctioneer Simon de Pury
Collectors Fiona Rudin and Lauren Pack
Collector Eric Rudin
Artists Patty Cronin and Jane Kaplowitz
Robin Duke, deputy chair of the Kerry finance committee
Robert Rosenblum and artist Deborah Kass, both in seersucker
Photography dealer Julie Saul and actress Nancy Seltzer
Artists John Alexander and Chuck Close
Jerry Saltz and Jeanne Greenberg with souvenir T-shirt