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  More Sculpture at Basel
On view at Art Basel 2000, June 21-26.
Photos by Mary Barone
Sherrie Levine's Fountain 5, 1997,
at Paula Cooper
Tom Wesselmann's Tulip, 2000,
at Galerie Hans Meyer
A selection of Max Ernst at Thomas of Munich
Paul McCarthy's Patrick Painter Pecker Leg, 1992,
at Art & Public
Ron Mueck's Untitled, 2000,
at Anthony D'Offay
Mona Hatoum's Slicer, 1999, at White Cube
Thomas Grunfield's Misfit, 1999,
at Michael Janssen
Sean Landers' Really Happy, 1996,
at Andrea Rosen
Giulio Paolini's Intervallo, 1986
at Tanit